名称: PSS2大面积脉冲365bet体育在线手机版

型号: PSS2

品牌: Nmerry努美/Sciencetech

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PSS2脉冲365bet体育在线手机版设计为使用内置的光束调节反射器,以**程度地均匀分布光,以1个太阳强度照亮**2m×2m的大型光伏设备。默认光谱匹配是使用重型氙气脉冲灯和光谱过滤的ASTM AM1.5G。闪光在峰值强度的90%时为500μs,在峰值强度的50%时为2.5ms,但是脉冲延长选项可用于更长,更平坦的脉冲(单独购买)。





空间 不均匀性:A类






(PSS2) Large Area Flash Solar Simulator (2x2m)

PSS2 flash solar simulator is designed to illuminate large photovoltaic devices up to 2m × 2m in size with 1 Sun intensity, using a built-in beam-conditioning reflector to maximize the uniform light distribution. The default spectral match is to ASTM AM1.5G, using a heavy-duty xenon flash lamp and spectral filtering. The flash is 500μs at 90% of peak intensity, and 2.5ms at 50% of peak intensity, but pulse stretching options are available for longer, flatter pulses (purchased separately).


This product includes a flash system, power supply, lamp, and an air mass filter (AM1.5G). Other filters are available at additional cost. Available accessories include IV measurement systems, pre-configured host computers, and sample holding and cooling options. Please inquire with our technical support staff about our automation and assembly line manufacturing partners.


Spectral Match: Class A

Spatial Non-Uniformity: Class A

Temporal Instability: Class A

Target Size: 2m × 2m (1 Sun)

Working Distance: 25-50mm

Pulse Length: 500μs at 90% of peak intensity, 2.5ms at 50% of peak intensity

Collimation: Non-collimated

Name (PSS2) Large Area Flash Solar Simulator (2x2m)
Target Size 2 m X 2 m
Typical Power Output 1 Sun
Uniformity Classification Class A
Power Requirements 100-140VAC / 200-245VAC @ 50/60
Collimation Angle not collimated
Lamp Power 4800 J
Working Distance 75 mm
Spectral Match Classification Class A
Temporal Instability Classification Class A
Classification Triple A (AAA)
Continuous or Flash Flash

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